EXPRESS DUO KIT 2pc - $17.99

Anyone with coarse, curly hair that needs the extra help with lifting hair from potential ingrown position.

Directions USE DAILY. Dead skin builds up on a daily basis. Fight back daily to keep skin ready for ANY type of hair removal.

10 Seconds to spray target areas PRE-BED for overnight exfoliation of dead skin.

10 Seconds of targeted, dry-skin, brushing PRE-SHOWER, for physical lifting of hair.

Used on target areas of the face and body, this dynamic duo will eliminate and prevent ingrowns, rash and irritation from any type of hair removal.

Can be used on FACE & BODY



The most delicate skin is often the skin we abuse the most! Even the most sensitive of skins will be soothed with the magic in Bikini Kitty's healing, cooling, strengthening solution. Get the red out just after waxing! Heal just shaved skin. Soothe a sunburn – or treat abrasions without alcohol.

Target delicate skin in the week before hair removal to strengthen it and make it less reactive. Use it post removal to cool, sooth and speed healing and quickly get the RED out… Perfect for lunch time brow waxings.

Can be used face & body for any of life’s little traumas.


Deep Six Treatment - $16.99

Any spot you see fit to get rid of will benefit from the six tricks in Deep Six: Acne, Ingrowns, Scars as well as UV damaged areas (Sun/Age) spots.

A convenient roller-ball glass bottle applicator puts the magic right where you need it.

Shake your bottle to fully incorporate all six ingredients and then apply to clean, dry skin up to 4 times a day.




Natures's perfect solution! Miracle Oil is a blend of 100% natural & essential oils, featuring Tea Tree Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Vitamin E with limitless uses and benefits!

Lisa Weiss Brazilian Wax SpecialistLisa is here to keep you hair-free and carefree below the brow, these products have been hand chosen by Lisa for their superior results.

Products are available for customer purchase at the Brazilian Wax Expert studio.